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Selling Your Boston Home Can Be A Quick & Easy Process

978 Cash Buyers purchases properties in and around Boston (and other surrounding areas). We’re not here to list your property; instead, we are the direct buyers of your home. As we offer cash for your property and engage in a direct purchase from you, we can facilitate a swift closing, aligning with your timeline.

Working with us means zero fees and commissions, unlike the traditional agent route. You won’t encounter additional expenses for a quick sale or the need to prepare your property for the market. Our aim is to acquire your property as-is.

Irrespective of its condition or location, whether it’s unattractive or well-maintained, we are interested in purchasing properties in Boston.

What does “as-is” mean?

When we say we buy your Boston home as-is, we mean you can leave the repairs, renovations, and showings to us. You won’t have to worry about preparing your home for sale because we’ll take care of everything post-purchase. While we consider this in our offer, it spares you the expenses and stress commonly associated with selling a home. When you list your home for sale on-market, there’s a general expectation that it has been updated and repairs have been made. Obviously, those repairs and updates require time, planning, and money, and we’re taking that off of your plate with our as-is purchase.

What does an “all-cash offer” mean?

With an “all-cash offer,” you receive the full payment in cash for your Boston property. As direct real estate investors, we do not rely on traditional financing, ensuring a smooth and timely transaction without the risk of financing issues or delays. The amount we offer is what you get at closing. When listing on the market, most buyers you’ll encounter will require bank financing to purchase to the home. Not only does this process take time (loan approval, paperwork, appraisal, etc), it sometimes happens that the financing falls through. By removing that from the equation for you, we can save you from the stress of waiting for the financing source to be in place, and just simplify things by offer you cash with no banks involved!

How fast is a fast closing?

Upon receiving details about your home, we can present you with a fair, no-obligation, all-cash offer within 24 hours. Once accepted, we can close the deal at a reputable local title company in as little as 10 days, a significant contrast to the 30+ days typical in traditional sales processes. This fast closing can be absolutely vital for folks who are in foreclosure, in probate, in the midst of divorce, or who are trying to resolve judgements or liens. It can also just be a major convenience whether you’re dealing with a sticky situation or not!

What if I don’t need a fast closing?

At 978 Cash Buyers, we accommodate your preferred timeline. If a quick closing isn’t necessary due to personal arrangements or other considerations, we will schedule the closing on a date that suits you best. We have experiences with timelines of all sorts, whether you need to close super quickly to relocate for a new job, or whether you need a more relaxed timeline due to the steps of the probate process.

Will I get a lowball offer?

Our aim is to provide you with the most competitive offer possible. Unlike other buyers, we are transparent in our valuation process, considering the property’s potential value post-improvements. We are more than willing to explain our offer methodology to ensure clarity and fairness. If the cash offer we give you does not work for you, we can tap into other creative purchasing methods in our toolkit that can help you achieve your goals with the property.

Is this even legit?

Absolutely! The real estate landscape is evolving rapidly, offering alternative solutions for homeowners seeking a quick, straightforward, and honest sale process. We provide a legitimate option for those looking to sell without the hassle of traditional market listings. Count on us to assess your situation, present a transparent all-cash offer, and close according to your needs.

There are some direct home buyers who are NOT legit, so proceed with caution. Work with someone like us who is local to Massachusetts, who knows the market here, and who will make sure you understand all options available to you without pressuring you one way or another.

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